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Accountancy courses develop your understanding of accounting practices, commerce, industry and finance. You'll learn about the context in which accounting is used as well as technical terminology. Over the course of your degree you develop a good mix of subject-specific, technical and more general transferable skills. Specific skills which you may develop include: knowledge and awareness of business organisations, including how they operate and are managed, which may enhance your commercial awareness, particularly if the course involves a work placement or case study analysis;  gaining an insight into the contemporary theories and the practice of financial institutions; numerical and quantitative skills - developed from understanding, recording and evaluating figures within a business context; problem-solving and analytical ability - developed from the numerical aspects of your studies and from exercises and project work; oral and written communication skills - from producing reports and assignments on business issues; ability to argue your case and negotiate with others - developed through working on group topics and discussing business problems; knowledge of global business issues and language skills, particularly if you study European or international finance; entrepreneurship - particularly if your course includes mock exercises in self-employment.

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