European College for Higher Education

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Zenith House

69 Lawrence Road

London N15 4EY

Our vision
Outstanding learning outcomes and the quality and richness of the student experienceProfessional readiness for work, their adaptability, and their contribution as commutualCommitment to equity and excellence, reinforcing each other in an environment characterised by
uncompromising high standards Strong nexus between teaching and development Research centric culture Innovative solutions to social, economic, political and technological challenges Considerable and creative contribution to the prosperity and well-being of the local community and society Enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with local community stakeholders  
Our Mission
ECHE educates professionals and citizens to the highest standards; creates and disseminates knowledge; and engages with our communities to address the major issues of our time.
Core Values
Pursuit of knowledge for its sustainability and success. Produce Professionals that contribute ...

European College for Higher Education
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