Sanjari International College

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129 Mile End Road

London E1 4BG

The SIC aims to uphold high academic standards, extensive student support and excellent value for money. It is our belief that we must serve the needs of the individual, the enterprises and the communities from which our students may originate. Therefore the College’s mission is to create a learning environment, which will support the students’ personal development and enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge and appropriate skills, including interpersonal ones, leading to qualifications relevant to their employment and career development.We aim to offer you a pathway to your future with a wide range of qualifications from foundation to advanced levels. We are committed to providing educational opportunities for all levels and helping students achieve their personal and professional goals. We would like to offer you the chance to take you to where you want to be.We do aim to provide an opportunity for everybody to participate and learn, realise their full potential and rais...

Sanjari International College
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