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The University of Edinburgh, founded in 1583, is an internationally renowned centre for teaching and research in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, United Kingdom and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The University is deeply embedded in the fabric of the city, with many of the iconic buildings in the historic Old Town belonging to the University. It was the fourth university to be established in Scotland and is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, having been consistently placed amongst the leading universities in the world Edinburgh receives approximately 47,000 applications every year, making it the third most popular university in the UK by volume of applicants. Entrance is intensively competitive, with 12 applications per place in the last admissions cycle.


M.Med.Sci by Research in Medical Sciences
M.Vet.Sci by Research in Veterinary Science
MArch RIBA Part 2 Architecture
Master of Architecture
Master of Chinese Studies
Master of Public Health
Master of Public Policy
MBA in International Business
MClinDent Oral Surgery
MClinDent Orthodontics
MClinDent Paediatric Dentistry
MClinDent Prosthodontics
MCouns Counselling
MCouns Counselling (Interpersonal Dialogue)
MEd Additional Support for Learning (Bilingual Learners)
MEd Additional Support for Learning (Deaf Education)
MEd Additional Support for Learning (Inclusive & Special Education)
MEd Additional Support for Learning (Learning Disabilities)
MEd Additional Support for Learning (Pastoral Care and Behaviour Support)
MEd Additional Support for Learning (Pupil Support)
MEd Additional Support for Learning (Specific Learning Difficulties)
MEd Additional Support for Learning (Visual Impairment)
MEd Educational Leadership and Management (including the Scottish Qualification for Headship Diploma)
MMus Composition
MMus Early Keyboard Performance Studies
MMus Musical Instrument Research
MMus Musicology
Modern Art: History, Curating & Criticism
MPhil Canadian Studies
MPhil in Archaeology
MPhil Philosophy
MPP Public Policy
MSc Dip Ancient Philosophy
MSc Dip Applied Linguistics
MSc Dip Developmental Linguistics
MSc Dip English Language
MSc Dip Evolution of Language & Cognition
MSc Dip History & Theory of Psychology
MSc Dip Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
MSc Dip Language Teaching
MSc Dip Philosophy
MSc Dip Psychological Research Methods
MSc Dip Psychology of Individual Differences
MSc Dip Psychology of Language
MSc Dip Speech & Language Processing
MSc Diploma by Research in Geographical Information Science
MSc Diploma in Environment, Culture and Society
MSc Diploma in Geographical Information Science (GIS)
MSc Acoustics & Music Technology
MSc Africa and International Development
MSc African Studies
MSc American History
MSc Anthropology of Health and Illness
MSc Arab & Muslim Diaspora Studies
MSc Arab World Studies
MSc Arab World Studies
MSc Archaeological Science
MSc Archaeology
MSc Architectural and Urban Design
MSc Architectural Facilities Management (Distance Learning)
MSc Architectural Project Management (Distance Learning)
MSc Art in the Global Middle Ages
MSc Bioelectronics
MSc Biomechanics
MSc by Research
MSc by research African Studies
Msc by research American Literature
MSc by Research Architectural Design Practices
MSc by Research Architecture
MSc by research Clinical & Health Psychology
Msc by research Counselling Studies
MSc by research Critical Theory
MSc by research Digital Animation
MSc by Research Digital Media and Culture
MSc by research Digital Studio Practice
MSc by Research English Language
MSc by research English Literature: Medieval Literature in Scotland and England
MSc by research English Literature: Postcolonial Literature
MSc by research English Literature: Renaissance Literature
MSc by research English Literature: Romanticism
MSc by research English Literature: Scottish Literature
MSc by research English Literature: US Literature - Culture and Value: Revolution to Empire
MSc by research English Literature: Victorian Literature
MSc by Research Ethics & Political Philosophy
MSc by research Film Studies
MSc by Research in Cardiovascular Biology
MSc by Research in GeoSciences (individual project)
MSc by Research in Human Geography
MSc by Research in Infectious Diseases
MSc by Research in Neuroscience
MSc by Research in Quantitative Cell and Molecular Imaging
MSc by Research in Reproductive Biology
MSc by Research in Theoretical Linguistics
MSc by research Interdisciplinary Creative Practices
MSc by Research Linguistics
MSc by research Medieval Studies
MSc by research Multi-level and Regional Politics
MSc by Research Philosophy
MSc by Research Psychology
MSc by research Public Health Policy
MSc by research Reflective Design Practices
MSc by research Russian Studies
MSc by research Scottish Ethnology
MSc by research Social Anthropology
MSc by research Socio-Cultural Studies
MSc by research Sociology and Anthropology of Health & Illness
MSc by Research Sound Design
MSc by research Transdisciplinary Documentary Film
MSc by researchMPhil African Studies
Msc by researchMPhil Archaeology
MSc by researchMPhil Architecture
MSc by researchMphil Celtic and Scottish Studies
MSc by researchMPhil Celtic Studies
MSc by researchMPhil Chinese
MSc by researchMPhil Classics
MSc by ResearchMPhil Economic and Social History
MSc by researchMPhil English Literature
MSc by researchMPhil French
MSc by researchMPhil German
MSc by researchMPhil Hispanic Studies
MSc by ResearchMPhil History
MSc by researchMPhil History of Art
MSc by researchMPhil Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (IMES)
MSc by researchMPhil Italian
MSc by researchMPhil Japanese
MSc by ResearchMPhil Music
MSc by researchMPhil Nursing Studies
MSc by researchMPhil Politics & International Relations
MSc by researchMPhil Russian
MSc by researchMPhil Sanskrit
MSc by researchMPhil Scandinavian Studies
MSc by ResearchMPhil Scottish History
MSc by researchMPhil Social Policy
MSc by researchMPhil Social Work
MSc by researchMphil Sociology
MSc by researchMPhil South Asian Studies
MSc Carbon Capture and Storage
MSc Childhood Studies
MSc Children & Young People's Mental Health and Psychological Practice
MSc Chinese Studies
MSc Classical Art and Archaeology
MSc Classics
MSc Community Education
MSc Comparative and General Literature
Msc Composition for Screen
MSc Counselling (Continuing Professional Practice)
MSc Cultural Studies
MSc Dance Science & Education
MSc Dental Primary Care
MSc Diaspora and Migration History
MSc Digital Composition and Performance
MSc Dip in Bioinformatics
MSc e-Learning
MSc Economic and Social History
MSc Economics
MSc Economics(Finance)
MSc Education
MSc Education: Language - Theory, Practice and Literacy
MSc Educational Leadership
MSc Educational Research
MSc Electronics
MSc Electronics: Analogue System Design
Msc English Literature: Creative Writing
MSc English Literature: Literature and Modernity 1900 to present
MSc English Literature: Literature and Society Enlightenment, Romantic and Victorian
MSc Enlightenment Studies
MSc European Archaeology
MSc European Studies
MSc European Theatre
MSc European Union Politics and Law
MSc Film in the Public Space
MSc Film Studies
MSc Finance & Investment
MSc First Millenium Studies
MSc Forensic Anthropology
MSc Gender History
MSc Global and International Sociology
MSc Global Crime, Justice and Security
MSc Global Health & Anthropology
MSc Global Health & Public Policy
MSc Health Inequalities & Public Policy
MSc Health Systems & Public Policy
MSc Hellenistic World
MSc Highland Studies
MSc History
MSc History of Art, Theory and Display
MSc Human Osteoarchaeology
MSc in Accounting and Finance
MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare
MSc in Carbon Finance
MSc in Carbon Management
MSc in Carbon Management
MSc in Community Education
MSc in Comparative Public Policy
MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice
MSc in E-learning
MSc in Financial Mathematics
MSc in General Practice - *New*
MSc in Genomics and Pathway Biology
MSc in High Performance Computing
MSc in High Performance Computing
MSc in International Relations of the Middle East With Arabic
MSc in Management
MSc in Marketing
MSc in Marketing and Business Analysis
MSc in Materials Chemistry
MSc in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry
MSc in Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition
MSc in One Health - NEW!
MSc in Operational Research
MSc in Religious Studies
MSc in Science and Religion
MSc in Surgical Sciences - Edinburgh Surgical Sciences Qualification
MSc in the Management of Training and Development
MSc in Transfusion, Transplantation and Tissue Banking
MSc Inclusive & Special Education
MSc Integrated Service Improvement: Health and Social Care
MSc Intellectual History
MSc International & European Politics
MSc International Business and Emerging Markets
MSc International Development
MSc International Political Theory
MSc International Relations
MSc International Relations of the Middle East
MSc International Relations of the Middle East with Arabic
MSc Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
MSc Japanese Culture
MSc Landscape, Environment & History
MSc Language Teaching
MSc Literary Translation as Creative Practice
MSc Literature and Transatlanticism
MSc Management of Training and Development
MSc Material & Visual Cultures of the Past
MSc Material Cultures and History of the Book
MSc Media, Culture & Practice
MSc Medieval History
MSc Medieval Studies
MSc Mediterranean Archaeology
MSc Middle Eastern Diasporas
MSc Middle Eastern Diasporas
MSc Modern British and Irish History
MSc Modern Chinese Cultural Studies
MSc Multi-level and Regional Politics
MSc Music in the Community
MSc Nationalism Studies
MSc Nursing Studies (MSc by Research)
MSc Osteoarchaeology
MSc Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education
MSc Performance Psychology
MSc Performance Psychology
MSc Policy Studies
MSc Public Health Policy
MSc Renaissance to Enlightenment
MSc Science & Technology Studies
MSc Science and Technology Policy and Management
MSc Science, Technology and International Development
MSc Scottish Art Visual Culture 1750-2000
MSc Scottish History
MSc Scottish Studies
MSc Second World War in Europe
MSc Signal Processing & Communications
MSc Slavery and Forced Labour Studies
MSc Social and Cultural History
MSc Social Anthropology
MSc Social Research
MSc Sound Environments
MSc South Asia and International Development
MSc Strength & Conditioning
MSc Strength and Conditioning
MSc Structural & Fire Safety Engineering
MSc Sustainable Energy Systems
MSc Translation Studies
MSc Viking Studies
MSc, global health and anthropology
MSc, global health and public policy
MSc, health inequalities and public policy
MSc, Health Systems and Public Policy
MScDip Advanced Architectural Design
MScDip Advanced Sustainable Design
MScDip Artificial Intelligence
MScDip by Research (Archaeology)
MScDip Cognitive Science
MScDip Computer Science
MScDip Design and Digital Media
MScDip European Archaeology
MScDip in Animal Biosciences - NEW!
MScDip in Biodiversity & Taxonomy of Plants
MScDip in Biotechnology
MScDip in Drug Discovery and Translational Biology
MScDip in Human Anatomy
MScDip in Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis
MScDip in Systems & Synthetic Biology
MScDip in the City
MScDip Informatics
MScDip Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
MScDip Mediterranean Archaeology
MScDip Osteoarchaeology
MScDip Sound Design
MScDipCert in Biodiversity, Wildlife & Ecosystem Health
MScDipCert in Clinical Education
MScDipCert in Equine Science
MScDipCert in Global Health and Infectious Diseases
MSCDipCert in Global Health: Non Communicable Diseases - NEW!
MScDipCert in Health Informatics
MScDipCert in Health Information Governance
MScDipCert in Internal Medicine - NEW!
MScDipCert in International Animal Health
MScDipCert in Neuroimaging for Research
MScDipCert in Pain Management
MScDipCert in Translational Medicine
MScDiploma Archaeology
MScDiploma in Acoustics and Music Technology
MScDiploma in Carbon Capture & Storage
MScDiploma in e-Science
MScDiploma in Ecological Economics
MScDiploma in Ecosystem Services
MScDiploma in Environment & Development
MScDiploma in Environmental Protection & Management
MScDiploma in Environmental Sustainability
MScDiploma in Exploration Geophysics
MScDiploma in Food Security
MScDiploma in Forensic Anthropology
MScDiploma in Human Osteoarchaeology
MScDiploma in Integrated Resource Management
MScDiploma in Petroleum Geoscience
MScPGCert Integrated Service Development
MScPgCertPgDip Advanced Social Work Studies (Mental Health)
MSW Social Work
MTeach Chartered Teacher Status: the Master of Teaching
MTh by Research
MThMSc by research in Christian Ethics and Practical Theology
MThMSc by research in Ecclesiastical History
MThMSc by research in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies
MThMSc by research in New Testament Language, Literature and Theology
MThMSc by Research in Religious Studies
MThMSc by research in Systematic Theology
MThMSc by research in World Christianity
MThMSc in Biblical Studies
MThMSc in Christianity in the Non-Western World
MThMSc in Ethics
MThMSc in Ministry
MThMSc in Theological Ethics
MThMSc in Theology in History
MThMSc in World Christianity

University of Edinburgh
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