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At UCLan we?re dedicated to helping all our students make the most of their potential by offering an educational experience which is more than learning in the classroom. By providing first-class facilities and high quality teaching against a background of ?real world? research we encourage innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking. We feature flexible learning including full-time, part-time and e-learning options across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


MA PGDip PGCert Journalism Leadership
MA PGDip PGCert Modern and Contemporary Literature
MA PGDip PGCert Publishing
MA Antiques (Distance Learning)
MA Archaeology of Death
MA Broadcast Journalism
MA Child Health & Social Care
MA Creative Thinking (Distance Learning)
MA English Language and Literature
MA Film Production
MA Film, Theory and Documentary Practice
MA Games Design (Distance Learning)
MA History
MA in British Sign Language English Interpreting & Translation
MA in History
MA in Intercultural Business Communication
MA in Intercultural Business Communication
MA in International Relations
MA in International Tourism Management
MA in Interpreting and Translation
MA in Professional Practice with Children and Young People
MA in Sports Management
MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
MA International Journalism
MA Magazine Journalism
MA Neonatal Studies
MA Online Journalism
MA Photography
MA Play Writing
MA Rhetoric
MA Script Writing
MA Social Policy
MA Social Work
MA Sport, Policy and Community Development
MA Sports Coaching
MA Strategic Communication Full-Time
MA Strategic Communication Part-time
MA Strategic Marketing Leadership (Advanced Entry)
MA Writing for Children
MAPGDip Film Studies
MAPGDip Newspaper Journalism
MAPGDipPGCert Animation
MAPGDipPGCert Ceramics
MAPGDipPGCert Children's Book Illustration
MAPGDipPGCert Consumer Product Design (with placement)
MAPGDipPGCert Design
MAPGDipPGCert Games Design
MAPGDipPGCert Graphic Design (with placement)
MAPGDipPGCert Health Service Management
MAPGDipPGCert in Community Leadership
MAPGDipPGCert in Criminology and Criminal Justice
MAPGDipPGCert in Education (Research)
MAPGDipPGCert in Education and Culture
MAPGDipPGCert in Promoting Equality and Managing Diversity
MAPGDipPGCert in Religion, Culture and Society
MAPGDipPGCert Interior Design
MAPGDipPGCert Surface Pattern
MAPGDipPGCert Toy Design
Masters in Education (Professional Practice in Education)
MBA - Full Time
MBA - Part Time
MSc PGDip PGCert Interactive Media Production
MSc Advanced Practice (Health & Social Care)
MSc Advanced Skills & Practice in Primary Mental Health Care
MSc Biomedical Science - full time
MSc Biomedical Science - part time
MSc Building Services
MSc Business Project Management
MSc Child Health
MSc Child-Computer Interaction
MSc Disaster Victim Identification
MSc DNA Profiling
MSc Document Analysis
MSc Finance and Development
MSc Fire Investigation
MSc Fire Safety Engineering
MSc Food Safety
MSc Food Safety Management by e-learning
MSc Forensic Anthropology
MSc Forensic Conservation Genetics
MSc Forensic Psychology
MSc General Practice
MSc Health Psychology
MSc Herbal Medicine
MSc Homeopathy by e-learning
MSc Human Resource Management
MSc in Business Information Management
MSc in Business Management
MSc in Finance and Development
MSc in Finance and Management
MSc in International Business and Management
MSc in International Heritage and Attraction Management
MSc in International Heritage and Event Management
MSc in International Hospitality and Event Management
MSc in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MSc in Marketing Management
MSc in Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards
MSc in Operations Management
MSc Industrial Pharmaceutics
MSc International Applied Communication
MSc International Festivals and Event Management
MSc International Festivals and Tourism Management
MSc International Tourism and Attraction Management
MSc Medicinal Chemistry
MSc Midwifery & Women's Health
MSc Mobile Interactive Technologies
MSc Nursing
MSc Osteoarchaeology: techniques and data analysis
MSc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
MSc Professional Practice (Research & Development)
MSc Psychology
MSc Psychology of Child Development
MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise
MSc Social Psychology
MSC Sport and Exercise Biomechanics
MSc Sport and Exercise Physiology
MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology
MSc Sport and Exercise Science
MSc Sustainable Business
MScPG Dip Aesthetic Dental Implantology
MScPG Dip Clinical Restorative Cosmetic Dentistry
MScPG Dip Endodontics
MScPG Dip Oral Surgery
MScPG Dip PG Cert Personality Disorder
MScPG Dip Renewable Energy Engineering
MScPG Dip Wind Energy Engineering
MScPG DipPG Cert Maintenance Engineering
MScPGCertPGDip Construction Management (Construction Economics)
MScPGCertPGDip Construction Management (Facilities Management)
MScPGCertPGDip Construction Management (Project Management)
MScPGCertPGDip Project Management
MScPGDip Clinical Periodontology
MScPGDip Counselling and Psychotherapy
MScPGDip Database Systems
MScPGDip Digital Signal and Image Processing
MScPGDip Interaction Design
MScPGDip IT Security
MScPGDip Network Computing
MScPGDip Sports Therapy
MScPGDipPGCert Advanced Stroke Practice
MScPGDipPGCert Agile Software Projects
MScPGDipPGCert Allied Health Practice - MSc Allied Health Practice (Occupational Therapy)
MScPGDipPGCert Applied Public Health
MScPGDipPGCert Building Conservation and Regeneration
MScPGDipPGCert Computing
MScPGDipPGCert Construction Project Management
MScPGDipPGCert Health Informatics
MScPGDipPGCert Integrated Healthcare
MScPGDipPGCert Sexual Health Studies
MScPGDipPGCert Sustainable Waste Management
MscPGDipPGCert The Management of Long-term Health Conditions
MScPGDipPGCertConstruction Law & Dispute Resolution

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