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Packing List for International Students

Packing the right things, and also the right amount, is essential for international students. Remember, you are likely going to be fully independent. That means you have to do your own laundry, cooking and cleaning. You will also be carrying your luggage from your home country to the place where you are studying. Would it be worthwhile to pack your whole wardrobe, or just bring a few sets of clothes and buy more clothes when you get here?


Another thing to keep in mind is the luggage restrictions for your flight. Some airlines will allow you to take one suitcase and a carry on, while some may allow you to take more. Check with your airline’s website or it may tell you on your boarding pass/confirmation letter.


Below is a recommended list of things to pack. However, what you actually take may be completely different depending on your plans. It is your responsibility to make sure you know what you have to bring and actually bring it with you. You should also make copies of all your important documentation and keep it separate from your originals.



Immigration Materials – Passport, Visa, Birth Certificate and any other documentation

Health Records – List of all your prescriptions along with any medication, List of allergies, Medical and Immunisations Records, Health Insurance

University Documentation – Acceptance/Admission Letter, Scholarship and Accommodation details

Money – Cash, Traveller’s Cheques, Credit or Debit Cards

Other items – Laptop, Camera, Phone (To avoid roaming charges, buy a local prepaid SIM card and use that to call), iPod, Chargers with adapters, Phrase Book (if needed), Toiletries (check flight restrictions) and a Spare Set of Clothing


Suitcase (Checked Bag)

Appropriate Clothing for the Climate (Casual and Smart)

Walking Shoes and Dress Shoes

Extra Toiletries

Towels and Bedding (if not provided)

Important Books

Your Details (with your new address) and Emergency Contact Details


This is simply meant to be a general guide. It is your responsibility to find out exactly what documentation you need to bring. Also, if you can afford to, consider packing light and buying things like clothes, bedding, books and cooking equipment when you arrive.

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