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What is clearing?

Clearing is a university application service for undergraduate applicants who didn’t receive any offers, declined all of their offers, didn’t meet the conditions for their chosen course or haven’t yet applied to university. It is the last chance to apply to a university for the current year’s intake, and runs from July to September. If you do not get an offer for a course by the end of clearing, then ComparetheCourse.com can help you apply for the next academic year.


Am I eligible to apply through clearing?

Clearing is available for international and home students applying for an undergraduate degree that do not currently hold an offer from a UK university. Clearing is not available for postgraduate courses, however.


How do I enter clearing?

The first step to apply through clearing would be to contact Compare the Course by clicking the link below and filling in the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Alternatively, you can simply email your qualifications and CV to support@comparethecourse.com. Someone from our admissions team will then get back to you and help you through your application on a one-to-one basis. They will present relevant course vacancies and help you to apply.


Tips and Advice

Have a back-up plan – You should always be prepared for the worst. Before results day, make a list of potential courses and universities you may want to apply to during clearing in priority order. That will make it easier when you are looking for vacancies.


Don’t book a holiday during that time – You need to be available both on the phone and in person during clearing. That means you really shouldn’t book a holiday during that time.


Be flexible, but not desperate – Be realistic in your own ability. Someone that gets lower than average grades won’t get into Oxford or Cambridge. Apply to the courses that are for you. However, don’t take the first offer you get unless you are sure you will both enjoy the course and it will be valuable for your future plans. Make sure you research thoroughly before accepting an offer.


If you don’t get any offers, ask why – Contact your chosen university and ask what you can do to have a better chance of becoming a successful applicant next year. Do you need to do more work experience or volunteer work? Should you retake a few modules to get better grades?


Please note, if you don’t get an offer for a university course, don’t panic! Our experts are here to help you through every step.

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